Healthy Stages: Changing the Stories


We are thrilled to be designing, creating, producing, and performing theatrical, storytelling, musical, and media presentations- as well as workshops and trainings – about true-to-life characters, environments, and situations afflicted by physical, emotional, mental, and sociological health issues affecting children, adults, and senior citizens.

Alzheimer’s. Dementia. Cancer. Diabetes. EB. Sexual abuse. Incarcerations. Discrimination. Play deprivation. Mental illness. Persecution and Bullying. Poverty. Loneliness. Divorce. Eating disorders.

Our productions feature multi-talented individuals who deliver honest and uplifting presentations.

Joseph Galata - Dance, storytelling, and theatre-television-radio performer, director, producer, writer, teacher, counselor, financial literacy coach, grief and bereavement specialist.
Anne Morrison
Anne Morrison - Award winning Broadway actress veteran, Master Storyteller, grief and bereavement specialist, founder of SaraSolo Productions.
Valerie David - Actress, writer, storyteller with national performances of The Pink Hulk and The House We Left Behind, a member of the League of Performance Theatre Artists and Dramatist Guild.
Jesse Fish
Jesse Fish - Senior Care Technology Specialist in Seattle Retirement Communities, a former member of the United Nations NGO, and dance performer and teacher in Kosovo Refugee Camp, South Africa, Bulgaria, and China.
Amanda Bena
Amanda Bena -Weber - Dancer and actress - career includes Mark Morris Dancer Center, Moscow Art Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and professor of Dance at Marymount Manhattan College, New York.
Rhonda La Fontaine
Rhonda La Fontaine - Sings with S. T. A. R.S ( Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls) Vocal Ensemble is also a certified Vocational Specialist and professor of child psychology.
Jim Eaglesmith
Jim Eaglesmith - A humanitarian folk musician and singer, specialist in Native American traditions, seminar and workshop facilitator.
farja reno NV
FARJA - African American family singers - performances in Korea, Okinawa, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Philippines, Spain and with USO Tours, Bob Hope, Ray Charles, Pearl Bailey, Seals and Crofts.
Jill Wells
Jill Wells - Educator, high school principal, director of vocational schools, grant writer and administrator, workshop facilitator on education of youth.
Mariana Aguilar
Mariana Aguilar - a leading Latino dancer and entrepreneur bringing acclaimed Puerto Rican dancers to the United States for workshops.
Chrissi Barnett
J. Chrissi Barnett - Certified Financial Literacy Coach; owner and video production specialist for WSV digital Media Services; owner, graphic artist and website designer for; radio and video voice-over actress.
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Synder - BA in Entrepreneurship is the founder and Executive Director of KWNK Radio Broadcasting and Recording Studio.
Neal Long
Neal - with a Masters in Music and now a Ph.d candidate, Neal is a national vocal soloist, musical director and arranger, professor of piano studies, and former director of a children's opera company
Valon Imeri
Valon - as a Romani (Gypsy) living in war torn Kosovo, Valon is now a documentary film producer/writer/videographer residing in WDC
Jill Marlene
Jill Marlene - a professional marriage and family therapist, Jill is also an acclaimed singer with a specialty with Irish-Celtic music. She has been nominated for many awards for her accomplished singing and appearances on stage.
Travis Color
Travis Weston - One of the most talented teenagers in Reno, Nevada, Travis has performed with the cast of the Warner Brother's Polar Express Christmas Train, as well as the international radio broadcast FOOD TREASURES as a boy who sets out to rescue the Wild Berries Garden from being taken over by the Society of Rottenness to build a Sweet Tooth Chocolate Factory.
Barbara Bionda
Barbara Biondo - a speech therapist is also a much sought out actress. Recent appearances include a one woman monologue at an Alzheimer's Conference - portraying a burnt out caregiver... a nervous tour guide on the radio show FOOD TREASURES, and the grandma on a road journey to help her granddaughter find her birth mom in a children's theatre production.